Cleaning up

The family & I have enjoyed a long weekend at a pretty spot in Denmark called Møn. We have walked down the longest stairs in Denmark to the beach by Møns Klint, and walked back up again. That was 497 steps times 2, it was tough on my old knee, but I tried to pace myself and took 2 small breaks on my way up. 


The kids loved our visit to the impressive Knuthenborg Safari Park, and we enjoyed the sunset at the beach by Klintholm Harbour.  

 My right knee resented all the weekend activity, so today when I attempted to clean up by the hedge at home, I soon had to turn to a chair in order to avoid kneeling. 


Removing the grass and weed that had grown among the hedge was a long overdue task at home. I enjoyed doing this, while listening to Classic French songs that remind me of my grandparents, my parents, and my childhood. I was listening to Georges Moustaki, Françoise Hardy, Charles Aznavour, and one of my favorites Edith Piaf. 

Lovely music to end a long weekend break. Have a great week everyone!


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