Test run and re-start

Short recap: I got my knee injured last year in March, got surgery last October and have not run for 13 months. It’s been boring and demotivating not to be able to run! 
So finally today I decided to go for a test run. It was a perfect spring day, and I went for a very short run with my daughter. I really enjoyed her company and her support. We stretched, ran, and by the end of it I walked back home. I would rather be too careful than risk not being able to run at all again. 
The test went quite well, in that my knee seems ok. At least it’s not worse. I would like to have a short run every other day for the next week and see how I’m doing. 

I hope all goes well and I can re-start my running. I have lowered my ambition level; it’s not about half or full marathons for me anymore: all I want is to do really is be able to run – even if only shorter distances – for the rest of my life. 

This little fellow came by the garden the other day – this is one of the reasons that I love where I live. 

Have a nice run everyone! 


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