The liberation of conscious choices

Procrastination, otherwise known as displacement activity, is translated as “overspringshandlinger” in Danish. Most of us know it well, as we procrastinate every time we have too big or complex a project ahead of us, or if the duty is simply not interesting enough. Procrastinating would be the mechanism to postpone the discomfort associated with the task. Diffusing to 100 alternative activities is also tempting in this situation. 

As I grow older, I am becoming more aware of the importance of using my time if not wisely at least consciously. This goes for other consumption than time, like energy, food, money, social media, etc. 

I cannot claim that I succeed in restraining from procrastinating or consuming in excess of what would be my best interest, however something happens after 40. Getting to the middle of life gives a new perspective, a new mindset. 

There is a realization that NOW is the time to choose consciously and let go of all that is not necessary or is in disharmony with who I am. The restlessness and curiosity that characterize me are not gone, but with time I have become more rooted and focused – and learned to choose something and let go of something else. In Danish you actually “choose to” (at vælge til) and you “choose from” (at vælge fra), which makes much sense. It’s logical and coherent. 

For many years I lived in the illusion that I could have it all, and this pursuit made me deeply unhappy. I wanted to be everywhere, I wanted to do everything. Something had to give, as indeed it did.  I have spent the past 20 years burning my candle on both ends, attempting to do everything at once. As soon as I let go of the illusion and focused on what really mattered, things started falling into place. I began to feel content, I began to feel at home. 

And so the journey into consciousness continues. I have peripherically become acquainted with mindfulness and yoga and I find them interesting. I would like to dedicate more time to meditation and cultivate the balance in my life. 

Everything is much easier when you discover what you want and who you really are. 

I would encourage everyone to liberate themselves. It’s a choice. 

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