When life calls for offline presence

Being one of those people for whom online and offline presence are indissolubly merged into one, the thought that offline life has a higher value or is more “real” does not really resound with me.

To me online presence is just as real as physical presence. It provides me with a means to communicate, to document, to relax. To virtually spend time together with my parents and sisters who live thousands of kilometers away. To follow the lives of aunts and cousins. To be in touch with old school friends. To learn, to share, to discover. I remember how life was before the internet, and it was a poorer existence.

Nevertheless, there are times where life calls for more offline and less online presence.

The past 3 weeks have been like that. My very dear friend and my children’s grandma passed away. Thankfully all her family had the opportunity to see her and say goodbye, and this is a great comfort. But the grief of having lost a loved one hits sometimes. That realization that we will not see each other soon is painful. At the same time I feel so grateful that she was a part of our lives, and have countless fond memories of our many years of friendship to remember.

The passing of Hanne coincided with my starting in a new position at work. I might have underestimated how demanding it is to start a new job even in the same organization. My brain is filled up with new information and there are no established processes or routines for me yet – it’s all new. So coming home in the evening I can barely do anything else than sit and stare after a long day at work.

Finally, the knee injury has meant that I have not been running for weeks. I had all sorts of good intentions to do some other type of exercise but I did not pull through. It seems that running is about the only thing I am really willing to do. For now, I just feel (and look) heavy.

As a consequence, my energy levels have been very low lately. I have had difficulties sleeping at night. No appetite for blogging, just trying to prioritize the necessary and put everything else on stand by.

Regarding my knee, I hoped that resting for 3 weeks would help. I went out for a very short test run of 2 kms yesterday. I must still be careful and pay attention to my knee, the way my feet land on the ground, my breathing…but I was pleased that it worked out ok.

Hopefully by being careful and starting from scratch I will get my running back on track.

After all, spring is here, and this is the perfect time for running!

Have a wonderful week and a good run



  1. Hi Ana,

    I am sorry to hear you have lost someone you love. It is a hard road to travel no matter the circumstances. The good memories will eventually brighten your thoughts. I sometimes get teary-eyed missing loved ones who have been gone for years. It’s okay the tears and sorrow and the feeling of heaviness. They will lighten when you are ready.

    I bought some tulips today. The thought must have been in the air 🙂 I am glad your test run went well.
    Take care.

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