The longest distance


Last Sunday’s run was special, beyond the fact that it was the first time that I ran 12 kms. I ran with someone and for someone else.

My partner accompanied me. He has now officially become my coach and agreed to run with me once a week, and bicycle beside me on the longer runs. His presence is a huge support on longer distances. So it’s goodbye to being a lone runner (at least twice a week).

I dedicated my running effort to one of my loved ones, and that was the reason that I managed to pull through and did not stop at km 9. I know my running will unfortunately not cure her, but somehow it helps me to process the sorrow, impotence and loss that I feel. I have decided to engage myself in public runs that have a charitable purpose or raise money for cancer research. If I’m going to run, it might as well be useful to someone else.

I have never run with music and I try to practice “mindful running”. I focus on my breathing and how my body reacts. Sometimes it feels like giving birth. When the physical effort requires so much focus and endurance that you are immersed in a bubble.

I had a sense of achievement and progress after the 12 kms. I even started believing that the HM on April 27th was doable. But the bad news is that I have not been able to run for a week and I think I have injured my right knee.

This is quite a set back, so I am redefining my most inmediate goals and I am cautious about pushing myself. I think I have to take one week at a time.

As long as I cannot run, I plan to do some cross training and yoga. I will need to be disciplined about it, as it’s not part of my routine right now and can easily be neglected in the course of a hectic week. I have to make it a priority, as I would with running. I hope that will help me keep a bit of endurance for when I am able to run again.

Oh, and maybe I should also work on these excercises

Painful knees? Check out these excercises

Do you run for a good cause? Have you had knee injuries? How did they affect your training plans and what did you do to recover?


  1. Hi Ana 🙂

    Congratulations on the long run! Cute pictures 🙂

    It is hard to watch those we love fight illness. Lots of hugs and smiles, I think, and healing thoughts.

    I only had trouble with one of my knees once and that was over a decade ago. I found that I had to change the stretches I was doing and the way I was running. I stretch every day. I changed the way I run by keeping my feet below my body and making the strides smaller. It is hard to explain, but one can experiment. I am someone who believes in the importance of listening to your body. Pain anywhere is a big flashing red light saying Stop and figure out what is going on. The one serious injury I had was a decade ago when one of the tendons on the bottom of my foot broke. That was painful and I couldn’t run for about 9 months. It didn’t happen in a vacuum, though. I ignored the persistent pain in the bottom of my foot until the day the tendon snapped. Now, I pay really close attention any time I get pain twinges in my foot or elsewhere. I think your knee pain is preventable with stretches and perhaps paying attention to your running stride and seeing if one way of running works better than another. Good luck!

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for your comment. I have to confess that I have not been stretching, so this is definitely something I need to start doing. And you have a good point about trying to change the way I run. I also think that I have ignored the fact that I have only run since May 2013 and my body is not ready yet for the goals I set. I might have to start from scratch, with small runs and build up slowly again. Looks like running is teaching me patience 😉

      1. Patience is a good when it comes to running 🙂 I can think of a few people I have know who injured their knees running and weren’t able to keep running because they did too much too soon. I think you have a good chance of success in the long term since you are practicing mindful running.

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