Running and the end of zapping


I have been taking everyday pictures of my running activity and healthy endeavors, wanting to share them with you. I am fortunate enough to live close to the city but still have beautiful natural surroundings and even wildlife in my garden every now and then. Some days ago we had Mr. Fox on a visit. Unfortunately I have been a bit short of time (and inspiration) to write lately.

After a disappointing couple of months running wise, I am back on the saddle, trying not to lose my training focus and keeping up with your stories. I find there are so many positive messages in the posts I follow, they make me in a good mood, thank you for sharing.

You know, I have noticed that I am better at making conscious choices and prioritizing my spare time than I was before I started running. This is true regardless of the quality of my training.

“Killing time” in front of the TV does not really happen to me anymore. I am not even watching the news. I choose Netflix and read online news. I do not stay up late, as I want my body to rest and be ready to run. I drink more water. I am generally more relaxed and focused.

So this is still a happy story for me, even though there are 3 areas that I want to deal with where I can see important room for improvement:

1. Learning about running techniques and trying to avoid injuries
2. My eating habits and resulting weight
3. Seeking training support (coaching)

More to come on these three subjects on upcoming posts.

Have a great run!



  1. Hi Ana šŸ™‚ It looks like you have pretty country to run through. Good luck with your efforts! I think it is harder to stay motivated and upbeat in the winter, but spring is almost here šŸ™‚

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