Time for Plan B

Since I am several weeks behind training schedule for my first “trial” half-marathon in April, some evaluation and adjustments are in order.

Let’s see…10 kms has been my longest running distance to date. With 8 weeks left to the race, I am a bit concerned that I don’t have enough time to build up, and might end up with an injury.

Cold weather conditions and the darkness have affected my training discipline quite drastically in January and February. On the plus side, the days are getting longer, warmer, and spring is fast approaching now!

I have found it difficult to run alone, especially when I have not felt top motivated. I have also struggled a bit with a painful right knee, so I am trying to be careful.

Finally, I have not been consistent about hydration and diet, and this has clearly had a negative impact on my ability to run longer distances.

Question is: am I still up for this half-marathon or should I call it off and take the next in line?

After some consideration, I have decided to train as if I were to run in April anyway, and make a decision 2 weeks before the race.

If my body is ready by then, I figure that it will do me good to try the distance and learn something useful for the Broløbet half-marathon in September.

I have talked to some experienced runners who have reassured me and offered advice on how to adapt the training program. With their comments in mind, I have made a new running schedule. I am also reaching out for support in order to stick to it.

My primary goal now is to build on distance without getting injuries, slowly but surely. And whether I become ready for April 27th or not remains to be seen.

What about you? Have you ever had to reconsider your training and participation to a race? Have you ever backed out of a race?

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