Relative improvements count too

Did I meet my training goals this week? No. Am I happy? Definitely yes!

I have made a relative improvement compared to last week, going from training once a total distance of 3 kms, to running 3 times this week, 5-4-2 kms.

My 2 km run today was extremely short, embarrassingly so. I basically had to run back home after one kilometer because I could not feel my fingers!

It’s minus 4 degrees Celsius and I was not equipped for the icy wind and freezing cold. I had my winter tights on, my hat, my long-sleeved termo t-shirt, but my H&M running gloves are clearly not designed for these temperatures and after a short while I had to head back home.

Instead of feeling disappointed about today’s failed running attempt, I decided to look for an alternative that would make me feel good. That ruled out taking “the last resort” (45 minutes on the crosstrainer), so I did some yoga instead. I highly recommend this yoga app with 20, 40 or 60 minutes sessions. It’s so convenient to just press play and practise yoga anywhere and anytime. And I like the relaxing sound of waves in the background.

Have a great week and happy running everyone!

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