How do you outsmart your comfort-seeking self?

Help! I am in training trouble! I managed to build up a running rythm during the Christmas break and was pretty certain that my 5-8-10 kms a week plan during january would be somewhat manageable – but this last week I have hit an all time catastrophic low, with one single wimpy jog of 3 kms in 7 days!

The thing that makes me despair, is that I do not have a single good excuse for it – no injuries, and certainly no exhaustion! I did go on a business trip last week, but I knew the hotel had a gym and I deliberately chose not to bring my training gear with me. I am no good at confined spaces, artificial lightning and training equipment, that combination does nothing for me.

Then there was the day where I felt a bit off and I thought it was best to postpone my running. And it just went downhill from there, really. I gave myself all sorts of explanations as to why it could not be done right now, and why it would be more convenient and fit better into my plans if I did it tomorrow.

On Saturday morning I put on my running clothes, went out of the door, and half a minute later had returned home. It was very windy and freezing cold and I got completely disheartened even before I began. The weather has been very discouraging for the past three days, and with my present state of mind it actually doesn’t take more for me to give up.We have a crosstrainer at home which I look upon as the last resort. It’s dull and joyless. Yep, you guessed right. On Saturday I ended up on the crosstrainer, bored out of my mind.


I need a strategy in order to outsmart my comfort-seeking self, and I know the only thing that will get me back on track is to plan for the trainings and execute them, to get out of the door and do it without allowing myself the time to think about it. These past months have taught me that running is its own reward, and that it pays off to make the effort, and yet staying indoors can still be most tempting sometimes.

So my plan for the coming week is as follows: I will run whatever the weather  3 days next week, I have already decided which days and at what time. I will have everything ready the night before so I can put my clothes on as soon as I jump out of bed in the morning. I will try to remember this musical theme if I feel weak, as I think it just might do the trick!

Chariots of fire

Chariots of fire

I am pretty sure that I can improve my time with these weather conditions, because they are so unpleasant that you just want to get done with the running as soon as possible!

We will see how things progress this week. I have entered a local running group that gathers sometimes to run together. Everyone is welcome to join in through their Facebook group and participate in the trainings. So far I haven’t joined because it did not suit my schedule and because they run on average 5’45”/km and I am not sure I can keep up with that pace. But running with others might prove effective in order to commit to the training.

What strategies do you have to outsmart comfort-seeking behaviour and help you stick to your training plans?


  1. when a slump happens to me, i just acknowledge it. Let it go, and tomorrow is a new day. (Guilt makes it worst, I think) Then, when tomorrow comes, I’d just make a plan to commit to it. Also, when I don’t feel like running, I put on Pandora and on my favorite dancing station and just dance and get the groove on! It’s fun and it’s a work out. 🙂

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