Rocking the sedentary job mode

People that work sitting down on their butt for 8+ hours a day might relate to this. My back aches pretty badly sometimes. I have found a very skilled chiropractor that helped me when it got critical. And I think running/physical activity has helped too. Some of us have workplaces including a gym, some of us don’t. In any case, taking the opportunity to be physically active (even if only for a few minutes at a time) during office hours is generally accepted as a good and healthy practice that enhances our productivity. I had a colleague that used to encourage me to take the 6 floors staircase up from the canteen to my office after each lunch. But if he wasn’t around, I automatically took the elevator option. This might be obvious to everyone else, but I had not really understood how valuable those stairs could be, and did what was in my power to avoid them. I have promised myself to create the habit of automatically taking the stairs after lunch. Later I want to take the stairs in the morning and when I finish work as well. I will carry the essential toiletteries in a little bag, so I don’t have to worry or feel self-conscious about being sweaty among my colleagues. After all, this is an easy way to be physically active everyday and vary my training. So I would like to commit to not taking the lazy way, at least not each time!

What about you? Do you exercise, walk up the stairs or do something else to be active at work?



  1. I love this!! Before we moved offices last July, my friends at work would drag me up and down the stairs at lunch. Up one side down and up the other side. 7 and 8 flights of stairs!!! I hated it every day but loved it too. We’ve since relocated to a two floor office building so stairs aren’t even an option anymore. I take the one set of stairs up to my floor and that exhausts me!
    Good call on the toiletries, must needed with stairs! Keep up the great work!!

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