Running venues planned for 2014

My mission today was to get an overview of the running venues planned in Denmark for 2014. I found a link that lists some of the bigger venues here and have decided to register for the races that will support my training this year. My biggest running goal this year is to run my first half-marathon on the bridge between the island of Sjælland and the island of Fyn in Denmark. This half-marathon takes place on September 13th, 2014. Since there are many months ahead, consistent training and part-goals are needed.

So far, I have decided to run the 10K Adventure run in Odense on May 29th (Eventyrløbet). I aim at running the 10 K in under one hour. I have also registered for a female running venue on June 3rd (15 km).

In the fall, I plan to run the DHL staffet again in the beginning of September (goal 25 minutes) and Eremitageløbet (13,6 K ) and Friløbet (10K) in October this year.

Besides running, I would like to make some time for kayaking this year. I was not out kayaking all last season and I am missing it! So I am determined to dedicate some time to that.

Kayaking is more time-consuming than running, but also provides me with a different form of contact with nature – from the water. Physically, my upper body makes the effort when kayaking. Also it is a more social activity than running, as I mainly go kayaking with a group.

Yes, I am all set for 2014!


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