So long 2013!

The year is coming to an end and many of us will in the course of the next 48 hours look back on the most important moments of 2013 and make our resolutions or plans for 2014.

What went on in the world and in our lives? What good memories do we have? What joy and loss have we experienced, what did we accomplish? Where did we make a difference?

The answer to the above questions can easily get…transcendent. And too complex for a blog about running!

In all fairness, my running activity cannot be considered a major accomplishment, it won’t change the world, it’s not a selfless activity that improves the lives of others. It’s something I do for me, myself and I.

It’s the benefits I experience from running and how they positively transform me that have an impact on my relations to family, friends, colleagues, and in extension, everyone else.

Ultimately, I run because it makes me a better, happier person.

When I say goodbye to 2013 I will remember that however insignificant to the world, this year I started running for the first time in my life. It has changed the perception I have of myself, of limitations, of others.

And when I welcome 2014, there will be no New Year’s resolutions, no bad conscience, no regrets. Only the anticipation of what lies ahead.

I look forward to planning my running venues for the new year, and to begin a training program for my first ever half marathon. I look forward to discovering whether I can commit to the training on my own, whether I can keep running without injuries, whether I can improve my performance.

But mostly, as unimaginable as this was some months ago, I just look forward to go on running!


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