Which running gear should I invest in?

There are really few sports that require such little gear as running. The beauty of it is that one can get started with any old pair of sneakers.

Personally I bought nothing for the first couple of months. I feared that if the novelty of running wore off after a few weeks, I would have purchased new gear in vain.

However, as soon as I had built enough endurance to run 3 km every second or third day, my knees started aching pretty badly. I used 3M Futuro knee support and it did alleviate the worst aches, but eventually I followed experienced runners’ advice and went to a sports shop where my feet were filmed while running to determine which type of shoes I should buy. This really made a big difference and was definitely a worthwhile investment.

Obviously being a woman a sports bra offering proper support is a must, so I think this is an essential item too.

And lastly, when running in the dark winter months I find that a vest with reflective material is quite practical for being visible, along with winter tights and a wind jacket.


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