What motivates you?

The first time I tried running, I took both my kids with me. I ran, they skated. I figured that I would not be able to run much, but having them cheering me did make me try harder. I wanted them to see that I was determined and that I made an effort.

It was easier to get through the planned route with my loved ones, we are social animals after all and most of us get motivated when acknowledged, at least I know I do!

But the process of turning running into a habit, and of training several times a week would be an individual thing, it would get lonely. I did not want to join a running team, because I enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being able to train when it suits my schedule. Just put my trainers on and go.

Running alone most days, a big motivator for me was being able to share my progress, my routes, my successes and my failures and receive some sort of feedback from friends and family.

I have found that the app Endomondo is extremely useful to track my trainings and keep my motivation up. I often share status and pictures after a run on other social media like Facebook, so my contacts can comment.

Just as important, keeping a record of all the trainings in such a convenient way helps me compete with myself and improve my performance.

While the main motivation for running is being healthier, it is often smaller rewards like achieving an immediate goal or receiving recognition after a run that make the difference when starting to run.


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