Running towards a goal

“If a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favorable” – Seneca

So how to commit to a running program when it’s tough and there are plenty of good excuses to stay home and chill out or keep busy with all sorts of other projects?

Setting a goal, and then another one, and a new one after that. Intentions won’t get you anywhere, actions will. And goals direct your actions.

Have you ever tried having good intentions that did not materialize and just made you feel bad about yourself?

I find that often occurs when good intentions don’t suit a higher purpose which is meaningful to you. Once there’s meaning, everything else falls into place.

My first goal was a 5 km race in Copenhagen, in the park of Fælledparken. At the time I had been running for almost three months, and public runs were science fiction to me.

The DHL stafet is a very popular public run in Denmark, where thousands of employees from private and public organizations and businesses run for their company together with their colleagues. It’s like a gigantic team building session.

The route was challenging, because it poured down with rain, big parts of the path were covered by some horrible carpeting that was uncomfortable to run on, and we ran among tents and huge smoking barbecues where cheerful participants were preparing their succulent dinners.

I managed to run in 31 minutes and I felt a huge sense of accomplishment. Some of my colleagues ran the circuit twice in that same time. I knew my time was not impressive, but I felt great anyway.

And once that goal was achieved, I set the next target, in order not to lose momentum or motivation. This time a 10 km race in the center of Copenhagen. (www.frilø My time was not as good as I hoped (60’4″), but I ran my longest distance ever, so still an improvement to me.

My latest goal is running a half marathon next September. I have dreamt of running over a bridge in Denmark for a long time and I look forward to the experience!

Check the Danish running venue on the bridge from Sjælland to Fyn here


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