Inspiration is all around!


Well I was never the sporty type. As a child I swam, and I have always enjoyed long walks in nature, but that is as far as my physical activity would go.

I did try a wide variety of sports as a child and young adult, hoping that someday I would get hooked and become reasonably good at something.

However, this never happened, and my adulthood has been characterized by the lack of regular physical exercise, yo-yo weight and on and off dieting.

Every failed attempt contributed to a belief that I had no will power and was too lazy to exercise.

This state of things bothered me. My energy levels were not very good, particularly during the long Scandinavian winter season, and this affected my ability to cope with the everyday situations of a hectic working woman with two younger children.

Typically I would get a very bad conscience, eventually pull myself together to get started with some sort of fitness, and drop it after a short while.

Pretty much the same pattern as with the dozens of diets that I subjected myself to since I was in my teens.

However with the years my motivation for being physically active has evolved from pure aesthetics (the necessary evil that will help me look slimmer) to doing it for the fun of it and to feel surplus and well-being.

The inspiration to change my lifestyle was all around, but it wasn’t until I was genuinely ready that I let it in.

It started with a couple of friends’ stories, a Kayaking certificate and a vegan teacher’s preparation for Copenhagen challenge, and for the past half year it has all been about running for me.

This blog is about embracing a healthier lifestyle that includes physical activity. It’s about the changes that I undergo and what I learn from running the first kilometer, to preparing for a half marathon.

 Feel free to share your own experiences and thoughts – whether you are thinking of or already embarked in a life with running!


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