Dealing with bad training days


I have tried for some weeks to establish a weekly running routine of 2 times 5 km and 1 time 8 km.

However, I still have not succeeded in running 3 times a week, and I rarely achieve a total of 18 kms per week.

Even relatively minor alterations in daily food intake, sleep, work hours or weather conditions affect my performance quite drastically.

So quite often I will not make the distance that I had aimed for, I might need to walk for a couple of minutes during my training, my mind will play tricks on me or else I will struggle to run with what feels like legs of lead.

Still, I tell myself that regardless of the amount of kilometers I run, every time I train is an achievement for me. I win over inertia and the easy way out. I give myself some own time, I get fresh air, I maintain my mind and body.

These thoughts help me deal with bad training days and unmet expectations. Every time I run is a small victory, and I am always focusing on the next goal.

I planned to run 8 kms today – but ran only 4. Tomorrow, I will try to run 6.

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